Travel, Leisure, and Recreation

Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This is why Almuftah Group is willing to go the extra mile to take you to your destination. Our comprehensive travel services are aimed at ensuring that you enjoy every minute of your holiday, or that your business trip proceeds without a hitch. Furthermore, we can also take care of your vehicle rental needs. Our award-winning rent-a-car service is an industry pioneer in the State of Qatar and is one of the most admired in the Middle East.

Almuftah Rent a Car

When Almuftah Rent a Car began its operations in 1971, the very concept of hiring cars was a novelty in Qatar. The few cars that were seen on the roads were either owned by affluent individuals or were operated by companies.

Almuftah Travel and Tours

Anticipating the growth in Qatar’s travel industry, Almuftah Group established Almuftah Travel and Tours in 1999. Today, it is one of the leading tour operators in the country, an International Air Transport Association-accredited agency that is known among local travel enthusiasts for the great value leisure and business trips it arranges.